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    The wealthiest place on earth! 

                                                            isis-imageSomeone once said the wealthiest place on earth was the graveyard, saying that it was full of people that didn’t fulfil their dreams, people that died with ideas and failed to reach their full potential.  I remember hearing this and thinking yeah that’s so true but I was young, having matured I would have to disagree with this statement.  

    What is wealth to a dead man? What is an idea to a man who has no breath? The graveyard cannot be the wealthiest place on earth because wealth is useless there!  I quickly changed my thinking on the matter; the wealthiest place on earth in my opinion is the Prison.  In prison we have people who might have made some terrible mistakes but they also have Dreams, Ideas they have what I like to call ‘Untapped Potential’ but most importantly they have LIFE! They have another chance to turn their life around. If only they had someone show them how! 

    Every time I go into a prison and meet some of the young people in there I leave deeply inspired, if only they knew what that had on the inside but how will they know if there is nobody to show them?  This is why I do what I do, I believe that with the right support system change is possible. We all have a part to play, let’s work together to stop the cycle of re-offending! Everybody has something to give. 
    If you’re reading this and thinking ‘what can I do?’ Get in contact with me. 
    We are all called to be ‘Agents of Change’ 

    Duro Oye

    Co-Founder 2020 Change 

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