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  • About Us

    We bridge the gap between disengaged youths & mainstream society,
    Equipping young people with necessary tools for their respective trade and
    Provide a level playing field for all to develop & maintain.

    Mission Statement

    2020Change is an organisation set-up to build the next generation of community, business and political leaders. We strongly believe that today’s streetwise youth have the potential to become tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs, all they need is someone to show them how to use their past experiences as transferable skills that would cause them to thrive in the corporate world, that’s where we come in.


    Duro Oye

    Co-Founder and Co-Chief executive

    Duro Oye, a London based award-winning social entrepreneur and filmmaker. Duro is the co-founder and co-chief executive of 2020Change an organisation set-up to build the next generation of community, business and political leaders. He strongly believe that today’s streetwise youth have the potential to become tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs, all they need is someone to show them how to use their past experiences as transferable skills that would cause them to thrive in the corporate world.

    This strong desire to rise the streetwise youth comes from Duro’s past experience as a ‘Street Entrepreneur’ in august 2006 he realised that he could be so much more and that the skills he acquired from the streets are skills that are hugely desired in the business/corporate world. After successfully building and selling his first business he decided to return to the streets and teach young people how to do just the same.


    Michael Edison-Odiase

    Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Edison-Odiase, a London based social entrepreneur and corporate financial advisor. Michael’s passion for community empowerment amongst young people stems from his personal and infamous involvement with street enterprise and frequent encounters with law enforcement. Growing up in South London under constant exposure to social violence and crime these experiences have shaped and thus brought him to the forefront of reshaping the social, community and political landscape for young people.

    As Co-Chief Executive Officer of 2020Change; a youth empowerment Organisation engineered to produce social impact leaders, his driving ethos is to focus on reaching young people from disengaged backgrounds who harbour latent abilities and guide them to not only awaken these potentials but also impact their world around them with their gifts.


    Abba Bako

    Change Strategist

    As a Change strategist I am proud to be a member of the 2020Change team. This is an organisation that I have been a part of from its early stages and it is no surprise to see how far the organisation has come since then. Having the great opportunity to influence a change for the better within an individual is something that motivates me greatly. Impacting lives in a positive way is more important to me than how many assets I can accumulate for myself or family and I want to support the team further to push for not just domestic but also worldwide empowerment for youths that want a better tomorrow. Under the strong and passionate leadership of Duro and Michael I am certain that we will Change our world as a result of the great vision.

    Carl Hart

    Carl Hart

    Change Strategist

    I got involved with 20/20 change because of their Ethos “Creating the next generation of political, business and social leaders”. Partnering with Duro and Michael has been very easy because we are all somewhat cut from the same cloth, we come from similar backgrounds and our visions for the future when it comes to making a dent in the world are in sync. As people who are awakened to the challenges we face in today’s world, We have an obligation to tackle these problems from the inside out, By educating the younger generation on how to take ownership of their lives, which is what our Goldmine sessions are all about. We are making history, our doors are open to people who are like minded and passionate about making a difference.


    Aj Owolabi

    Change Coordinator

    I joined 2020 with a burning desire to help others. Little did I know I was there to help my self. I had been through education and employment and didn’t feel satisfied. I knew I was meant for more..so I packed my bags left the UK behind and aspired garner political change in Africa. 4 years later…a lost election, a gaping hole in my finances I returned to the UK broken and depleted. When I attended the first 2020 session it was like having a battery recharged, i felt like my 18 year old self again. That part of you that’s full of dreams and plans of how to achieve them. Since then I said will continue at 2020 helping young people prepare for greatness


    Tukiya Mutupa

    Change Coordinator

    I began volunteering with 2020Change because they stand for so many things I believe in. Empowering young people, providing opportunities and inspiring vision. The result of 2020Change is so widespread, it tackles the vital community integration issues in London as it allows young people to feel more confident in their abilities and inclusive in society. I have always enjoyed working with young people and this organisation provides an environment to constantly learn and challenge myself to be a better communicator and youth worker.


    Azzees Minott

    Admin Assistant

    I was inspired by the commitment of [Duro and Michael] 2020 Change to improve the lives of others. Learning about how they had helped change people’s lives by supporting participants during their sessions and through peer mentoring, I realised that I too had skills that I could share to empower people.


    Deji Agunsoye

    Change Volunteer

    I joined 2020 change after graduating from the 6 week Goldmine programme, I found it intellectually stimulating  and I wanted a deeper understanding of the mind and I wanted to be able to control my thoughts. I also wanted to be able to pass this knowledge on to others.


    Richie Aviles

    Change Volunteer

    I joined 2020 change after completing the 6week goldmine sessions, upon hearing that they are willing to take on new volunteers and the expansion of this company I wanted to be part of it, for what principles it stood for and from what I gained from the 6weeks, being with motivating entrepreneurial type people and their success principles had opened my mind to many more aspiring things and food for thought that everyone should experience, and benefit from. (Will send pic tonight)


    Shaun Flores

    Change Volunteer

    Like Dr.Faustus my hunger for knowledge is never ending and there’s never too much you can learn. I believe 20/20 change would have been the perfect platform for me to learn and to meet like minded people and even people who I may not necessarily speak to in my every day life. I saw especially the young black men and thought even more so it’s times as a nation we came together to these sort of programmes to nourish our innards in a world where the black mans fist holds not comparison to the resolve we need in our mental state. That’s why I joined 20/20 change.


    Benjamin Hammond

    Change Volunteer

    Often, we use this line “I want to make a change” but how? Being a facilitator with the 2020 Change Organisation has made a great impact in me becoming that change – the experience not only showed me how to successfully play the role, it has taught me life transferable skills which will help me make an impact in the lives of others; an impact so effective that a person can reflect on their current lifestyle and say “Dude, you have actually helped me become a better person…” Within this organisation, we can achieve this change.