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    The Synopsiswritten by Lorene Farrugia

    Gang conflicts have been an integral part of London’s societal existence and evolution since the first ever invasions began.

    Monitoring how gangs have changed over the centuries it has become an obvious blight on the London landscape and beyond, that gangs have left race, ethics and class behind, to divide into factions that are all about the area in which they live and their families live and most importantly, their friends live. They fiercely defend their postcodes, with many gangs only daring to enter another gang’s area to maim or kill those that have entered theirs.

    Thus the vicious circle of Postcode Wars has arisen and as more and more youngsters – boys and girls – become involved in the fight to be on top, the youth fatalities connected to gang crime continue to rise.

    247365, explores the depths that Gang culture, not only in London but in Britain, has plagued today’s youth and become a stain on the conscience of the governments, past and present, who have chosen to ignore these societies.

    The focus of 247365 is to discuss gang culture and government intervention with gang members, from the notoriously tough Peckham and Brixton areas, where the fighting has raged with unflinching brutality for many years.

    However, six young men, and now ex-gang members: Richard Riakorhe aka BLACKS and Temesgen Alem aka TEM from Peckham and Karl Lokko aka Mr C’mon, Terroll Lewis aka BOOST and Michael Adusei from Brixton, have joined forces to make it their mission to educate the youth in these areas about the futility of violence towards each other.

    Entering the affected communities, they speak to current gang members about their thoughts and fears regarding gang culture and they also approach the councils and government agency’s set up to respond to failing communities, such as the ones these gangs represent.

    247365 also looks at the Media’s warped focus on blaming bad parenting, bad education, excess benefits and government cuts, and compares those with the perspectives of today’s youth and the eyes through which they see today’s failings in their societies. It becomes abundantly clear that this is a life that they feel they have no choice over and that it will take those that have come out on the other side to show them the way to a society without youth conflict.


    This documentary maintains an unbiased view of the problems causing the rapid increase in gang culture, instead giving focus to the reasons and most importantly, the resolutions. Focussing on the importance of community and trust for those that make the decisions in these communities, this documentary aims to involve and open the eyes of everybody that can make a valid difference in how the youth’s on the streets view their own conflicts between other gangs and the real reasons behind why those conflicts exist.

    With rare access to these forgotten communities and personal struggles, this documentary, with the help of the filmmaker and the six ex gang members who are championing this much needed change, aims to give a voice to the previously unheard, to alter stereotypes and shatter the illusions of what has become widely accepted as a youth beyond help. 247365 believes that nobody is beyond help.

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