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    Mission Statement

    2020Change is an organisation set-up to build the next generation of community, business and political leaders. We strongly believe that today’s streetwise youth have the potential to become tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs, all they need is someone to show them how to use their past experiences as transferable skills that would cause them to thrive in the corporate world, that’s where we come in.

    Duro Oye, Co-Founder & COO

    Goldmine Program

    Our flagship programme ‘Goldmine’ uses alternative education in a unique way to engage young people in interactive workshops and seminars about discovering purpose, potential and most importantly their unique identity.

    We teach on the importance of general and corporate etiquette. We provide mentoring; work experience and business start-up loans for those that required it.



    Assessing where you are coming from, current state and where you’re heading – coupled with plans on how to get yourself there are tools that empower change. Failing to recognise a flaw is missing an opportunity to adapt, change and progress


    Being able to see the forest within the single seed is the key to constant growth. What you see is important as the boundary of your vision is the limit to your progress.


    Many of the worlds’ most influential/ successful people are also some of the most “famous failures”. Success is no mystery, one thing synonyms with success is persistence; the ability of go from one test to another without lagging in motivation.


    Priding self on character and conduct even under pressure, having a set of beliefs and morals which cannot be compromise.

    Selection process


    We have a very unique selection process, after weeks of advertising via social media, word of mouth, street canvasing and open days; potential candidates are invited to an informal university style interview. Where they are asked questions that will help us determine if they are mentally prepared for the programme. Our programme is pretty intensive and it is important for us to determine that the candidate is fully aware of what they are signing up for and that they have the will power and determination to see it through.

    We cover the following topics in the first 6 weeks:

    • Understanding The Mind
    • Thoughts: The Train of acton
    • Success Motivation
    • Happiness
    • Unique Identity
    • Responsibility

    Candidates are then to choose one of the following 6 week workshops:

    • Enterprise
    • Employment
    • Education
    • Political Engagement

    Candidates will then progress onto 2 weeks on the following workshops:

    • Personal Development
    • Work Placement/Experience
    • Progression Plan

    The Last 6 weeks will consist of formal mentoring.

    Our mentors do everything they can to ensure that the candidates are fully settled into their new lives giving them the support they need to continue living as law abiding citizens.

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